<strong>Analytical Services for Fire Debris and Recovery Projects</strong>
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Analytical Services for Fire Debris and Recovery Projects

As communities recover from the wildfires in California, Eurofins is here to assist in the process of protecting public health and the environment.  

As the leader in environmental testing, we can coordinate with our many resources, offering access to the full team of U.S.-based Eurofins environment testing facilities, ready to assist you to ensure you meet urgent deadlines.  

Our services provide air monitoring during the removal of hazardous materials, plus debris and ash removal analysis as well as the evaluation of buildings for smoke damage. Eurofins is committed to support the recovery efforts of the residents of an area where a disaster or state of emergency has been declared.

Debris Cleanup and Recovery

Removal of Hazardous Materials

Air Monitoring

  • Metals in Air (NIOSH 7303)
  • Mercury in Air (NIOSH 6009 and OSHA 145)
  • PAHs (NIOSH 5506)
  • Silica (NIOSH 7500)
  • Asbestos: PCM (NIOSH 7400)

Debris and Ash Removal

Soil Sampling

  • CAM 17 Metals


  • Asbestos: PLM and TEM

Smoke Damage Testing

Smoke damage testing can evaluate the air and surfaces within homes or businesses for smoke, soot, ash, char and other combustion by-products which may remain after a fire. In order to process a smoke related insurance claim, insurance companies may require proof of damage.  There are multiple levels of testing which can be employed. Contact us directly to discuss how we can support your evaluation.

  • Soot Analysis: PLM/SEM/TEM
  • Combustion By-Product Analysis

How Can Eurofins Help You?

Eurofins offers to support your efforts with Same Day analysis and Rush/Weekend services when you need it.  Online data access is available at many of our locations.

If you need testing services in support of a wildfire cleanup and assessment process, please Contact Us for more information or Request a Quote.