Point. Click. LabServe®

LabServe® is online customer service 24 hours a day anywhere you have Internet access. LabServe® saves you valuable time in data management and report writing, while creating a secure archive of your projects and reports.

Here's what you can do with LabServe®:

  • Manage your data any time - day or night
  • Control your account preferences
  • Create electronic Chains of Custody
  • Create custom-formatted reports
  • View projects as analyses are completed
  • Download official archived reports
  • Research common fungal genera
  • Order sampling supplies and equipment

  • Take a Tour

Manage Account

Modify existing account information such as addresses, contacts and phone numbers. If you haven't already signed up for an account at the EMLab web site, you may do so at our registration page.

Start A New Project

Log in samples online before you send them to us. This assures accurate information and informs us that a sample is on its way. It will also create a chain of custody for you to use when you physically send in your samples.

View Projects, View Samples, View Reports

These areas allow you to search for and view projects you've submitted to EMLab. View project details, download and print reports, and create new reports based on existing data.