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Asbestos PLM
Description: The analysis includes testing of bulk building materials for asbestos by performing a visual estimation using the EPA Method 600/R-93/116. This method is the most widely used method for estimating asbestos in bulk building materials and works well for most sample types. However, it might require a more detailed method like point counting for accurate estimation of asbestos in samples with low asbestos concentration. This method is also not applicable for samples containing large amounts of fine fibers below the resolution of the PLM (< 0.3 microns). The method separates the sample material into various layers based on their morphology and then detects for the presence of the different asbestos fibers in each of these layers. The report will express the percentage of the different asbestos fibers detected in each of the different layers based upon the visual estimation.
Sample types: Bulk sample, Soil sample, Paint Chip sample
Available turnaround: Standard, Holiday-weekend rush, Next-day rush, Same-day rush
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