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Description: The Hold service reflects that a hold has been placed on the samples. See Terms and Conditions regarding "Sample Disposal" for more information.
Sample types: Spore Trap: Cassette, Andersen sample, Bulk sample, Contact plate, Dust sample, Multi-plate Andersen sample, Soil sample, Swab sample, Tape sample, Water sample, Wipe sample, RCS Sample, BioCassette, SAS sample, Via-cell cassette, Multi-plate BioCassette, Spore Trap: Slide, Millipore paddle, Asbestos PCM Cassette, Asbestos TEM cassette, Buck BioCulture, Endotoxin free cassette, Media-filled vial, Paint Chip sample, Polycarbonate Air Filter Cassette, Radon canister, Air, Surface
Available turnaround: Standard