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Arthrinium sp.

Mitosporic fungus. Hyphomycetes. Teleomorph (sexual state): Apiospora (Ascomycete).

Arthrinium microphoto



Approx. 20 species.

Where Found

Soil, decomposing plant material.

Mode of Dissemination


Growth Indoors

Arthrinium is cellulolytic, but it is rarely reported.

Industrial Uses

None known.

Other Comments


Potential Health Effects


One species, Arthrinium sphaerospermum, reported as an allergen.

Potential Opportunist or Pathogen

Not known.

Potential Toxin Production

Not known.

Laboratory Notes

Growth/Culture Characterisics

Grows well on general fungal media. White, floccose, spreading. Develops brown to black spore clusters with time.

Spore Trap Recognition

Small, round brown spores. An equatorial germ slit may be seen with skill. Because spores land in "face" view on spore trap slides this slit is not as obvious as when spores are viewed from a culture.

Tape Lift Recognition

Distinctive and identifiable on tape lift samples.