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Ascotricha sp.

Ascomycetes. Anamorph (asexual state): Dicyma.

Ascotricha microphoto

Ascotricha species comprise a small proportion of the fungal biota. This genus is most closely related to Chaetomium. No information is available regarding health effects, or toxicity. Allergenicity has not been studied. Identified on surfaces by tape lifts, tease mounts from bulk samples, and in air by spore trap sampling. Spores are round, brown, and may be identified to genus if other structural elements (such as perithecial terminal hairs) are present. Otherwise, these spores may be placed in the spore category "smuts, Periconia, myxomycetes" or may be called "unknown brown." Ascotricha is cellulolytic, and sources of isolation include damp sheet-rock paper, woody and straw materials.