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Chromelosporium sp.

Mitosporic fungus. Hyphomycetes. Teleomorph (sexual state): Peziza.

Chromelosporium species are common in soil but are not well known. This genus is most closely related to Amphobotrys, and Botrytis. It is extremely common in greenhouses growing on sterilized soil or vermiculite, in pots and flats. It is an asexual phase of Peziza (a cup fungus and Ascomycete), one of the macro fungi able to colonize indoor environmental surfaces. No information is available regarding health effects, or toxicity. Allergenicity has not been studied. May be identified on surfaces by tape lifts, tease mounts from bulk samples, and in air by culturable (Andersen) and spore trap samples. (Spores have somewhat distinctive morphology.) Formerly called Ostracoderma.