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Chrysosporium sp.

Mitosporic fungus. Hyphomycetes. Teleomorph (sexual state): Arthroderma, Ctenomyces, Gymnoascus, others.

Chrysosporium species are common and comprise a heterogenus group whose taxonomy has been widely debated. This genus is keratinophilic and/or cellulolytic and is closely related to the dermatophytes, those organisms infecting the skin. Geomyces is considered by some to be a Chrysosporium species. Health effects include rare reports of onychomycosis, skin lesions, and endocarditis. No information is available regarding toxicity. Allergenicity has not been widely studied. May be identified on surfaces by tape lifts, tease mounts from bulk samples, and in air by culturable (Andersen) sampling. (Spores do not have distinctive morphology and would be categorized as "other colorless" on spore trap samples.) Natural habitat includes soil, dung, children's sand boxes, seeds, birds' nests, and plant remains such as leaf litter.