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Engyodontium sp.

Mitosporic fungus. Hyphomycetes.

Engyodontium species are common, but comprise a small proportion of the fungal biota. This very delicate genus is related to Beauveria and Tritirachium. Health effects of Engyodontium album include reports of keratitis, brain abscess, eczema vesiculosum, and native valve endocarditis. No information is available regarding toxicity, and allergenicity has not been studied. Identified in air by culturable (Andersen) sampling. Spores are not distinctive on spore trap samples and are categorized as "other colorless." Fresh growth is possibly identifiable on tape lifts, but optical resolution through tape is sometimes inadequate for the very small structures of Engyodontium. Commonly isolated from paper, jute, textiles, and painted walls.