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Graphium sp.

Mitosporic fungus. Hyphomycetes. Teleomorph (sexual phase): Pseudallescheria (Petriella, Petriellidium), Ophiostoma, others.

Graphium species are common, and are closely related to several ascomycetes. The sporulating structures of Graphium form synnema (coremia), which are a gathering of conidiophores into a sort of flower bouquet. The taxonomy of Graphium species needs work since the actual sporulating process differs among the many species. Health effects are dependent upon the related ascomycete. There are no reports of illness due to the Graphium stage of Ophiostoma. However, the genus Pseudallescheria (asexual phase is Scedosporium) has a Graphium phase, and these genera are noted for many health effects, some of which have serious consequences. Please see Scedosporium for more detailed information regarding health effects. No information is available regarding toxicity or allergy. May be identified on surfaces by tape lifts, tease mounts from bulk samples, and in air by culturable (Andersen) samples. (Spores do not have distinctive morphology and would be categorized as "other colorless" on spore trap samples.) Sources of isolation are many, including woody substrata, plant debris, soil, manure, and polluted water.