1. Sampling Overview
    1. Culturable air sampling
    2. Non-culturable air sampling
    3. Surface sampling
    4. Special cases
  2. Interpretation Overview
    1. Activity levels
    2. Weather conditions
    3. Condition of the area sampled
  3. Additional Information
    1. Spore trap air sampling
    2. Andersen or Biocassette air sampling
    3. Surface sampling (Tape, Swab, Bulk)
    4. Surface sampling (Dust)
  4. Environmental Reporter
  5. Ask Dr. Burge
  6. Allergen Glossary
  7. Food Microbiology Glossary
  8. Fungal Glossary
  9. Resources


Local Resources (A collection of information in Adobe PDF format)

Direct Microscopic Examination

Interpretive guidelines

Reference book list

Chain of Custody form

Sampling the Environment


Internet Resources (A collection of useful links on the internet)

ACGIH Home Page


California Indoor Air Quality Program

California State EPA

D.L.C. for Microbial Ecology

Journal of Immunology

Mold - Centers for Disease Control

National Institutes of Health

National Library of Medicine: PubMed

NY State Public Health Department

PSU Airborne Pathogen Database

University of Minnesota Fungal Glossary


U.S. EPA - Mold Resources

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Biosciences


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