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Webinar: Legionella and Legionellosis: New Regulations and Detection Methods

Date: Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Time: 9:00am-10:30am (Pacific); 11:00am-12:30pm (Central); 12:00pm-1:30pm (Eastern)
Instructor: Dr. Michael Berg, EMLab P&K Laboratory Director
CEU's: See below
Cost: Free
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Now more than 40 years after the Legionella bacteria was discovered to be the causative agent of Legionnairesí disease, there has been many developments and changes to the risk management and testing for Pontiac Fever. These changes include an updated position from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), new guidelines from the American Society of Heating, outlines from the Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), as well as new legislation released from New York regarding Legionella monitoring in cooling towers and health care facilities. Also, new test systems for the detection of Legionella bacteria were introduced and guidelines for the traditional culture testing (ISO11731) have been updated. Particular focus will be placed on these recent developments to help professionals in consulting, industrial hygiene and the health care industries dealing with Legionella monitoring and risk management.

Topics include:
• ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188-2015
• CDC tool kit
• New York Regulation: Part 4 - Protection against Legionella
• "OSHA and EWGLI guidelines
• Design and execution of a sampling plan
• Laboratory analytical methods: IDEXX Legiolert, BioRad iQ-Check, ISO11731:2017
• Methods and applications for eradicating Legionella contamination

Continuing Education Units (CEU's):
ABIH: This event contains 1.5 technical contact hours and may be eligible for ABIH CM credit (see ABIH website for CM credit criteria).
ACAC: This course is accepted for ACAC RCs
BCSP: This event contains 1.5 technical contact hours and may be eligible for BCSP Recertification points (see BCSP website for Recertification criteria).
BCRSP: This event contains 1.5 technical contact hours and may be eligible for BCRSP CM points (see BCRSP website for CM point criteria).
CRBOH: 0.25 RM points (Award # 2016-19)

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NOTE: To receive a certificate of attendance, you must attend the live webinar and complete the survey within 24 hours after webinar ends (see link in "Thank you" email sent an hour after the webinar ends). PDF certificates are emailed 2-3 weeks after the webinar.

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