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Andersen Air Sampler vs. BioCassette™

BioCassette™ Makes Culturable Air Sampling Easier and Faster!

The BioCassette™ is a sampling device developed by EMLab P&K for culturable air samples. The BioCassette™ simplifies the air sampling process and protects the integrity of your air samples. The BioCassette™ combines the agar plate and sampling device into a single disposable cassette and is equivalent to the size of a standard 90mm petri dish.

Because the agar plate and sampling device are integrated into one unit, the BioCassette™ is easier and faster to use than a device, such as the Andersen N6 air sampler, that uses a separate petri dish.

Easier & Faster? Compare BioCassette™ vs. Andersen Sampler

BioCassette™ (3 steps)

1) Remove the plastic plug and sealing label from BioCassette™
2) Perform air sampling
3) Place the plastic plug and sealing label back onto BioCassette™

Easy as 1-2-3! Ship the BioCassette™ to the EMLab P&K laboratory of your choice.
Andersen Sampler (7 steps)

1) Clean the Andersen sampler before each sample
2) Disassemble the sampler and load petri dish
3) Reassemble sampler before sampling
4) Perform air sampling
5) Disassemble sampler and remove petri dish
6) Reassemble sampler to move or store sampler
7) Secure petri dish lid with parafilm or similar laboratory tape

BioCassette™ Is Better For Reducing Errors

Often you have only one opportunity to take a sample. The fact that Andersen style air samplers require disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly with every sample introduces many opportunities for error. There are more chances for contamination, cross-contamination, poor air seals, clogged impactor holes, and unintended airflow. Some of these errors cannot be detected until the samples are analyzed.

The BioCassette™ eliminates these failure modes. You can rest assured that these types of questions are no longer threats to your protocol in legal cases.

BioCassettes Are Easier and Faster Than Andersen Air Samplers, Buy Bio Cassette Today! BioCassette Unopened with Plastic Plug and Sealing Label

Buy the BioCassette™ with Malt Extract Agar (MEA)
or BioCassette™ with Tryptic Soy Agar (TSA)
through our online store.

Additional Information

BioCassette™ Brochure (pdf)

BioCassette™ vs Andersen N6 (pdf)

BioCassette™ Positive-Hole Correction Table (pdf)

Buy BioCassettes for Culturable Air Sampling
Buy the BioCassette™ with
Malt Extract Agar (MEA)

or with Tryptic Soy Agar (TSA)
through our online store.