MoldRANGE™ California Climate Report
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MoldRANGE™ California Climate Report

We've Improved the MoldRANGE™ Report for California!

As you may know, MoldRANGE™ is Eurofins EMLab P&K's industry-leading report that provides typical outdoor spore levels by region and time of year, based on data from 350,000+ spore trap samples. The original MoldRANGE™ report provided data from the entire state. However, California has multiple climates from warm temperate areas to arid desert areas (see map below). As a result, each climate in California has its own unique range of outdoor mold spores. Now the MoldRANGE™ California Climate report gives you better insights for the zip code where you sampled.

California Climate Map

The new report was developed using the Köppen-Geiger climate classifications, one of the most widely used system for classifying the world's climates.

Map of California Climate and Topography Based on Modified Köppen Climate Classification System
Source: California Department of Fish and Game (2002a)
NOTE: The Köppen System used here is taken from Critchfield (1983)


What Does The New Report Look Like?

Based on your project's zip code, your MoldRANGE™ reference data will be more precise and useful. Here's an example of what your report will include:

Close-up of MoldRANGE California Climate Report
Download the Sample Report of MoldRANGE™ California Climate


What Do The Codes Mean?

Below are the codes with descriptions for California's climates based on the Köppen Climate Classification System.

Legend of Köppen Codes with Descriptions
Sources: Köppen Classification System, and California Department of Fish and Game (2002a)
NOTE: The Köppen System used here is taken from Critchfield (1983)

How Is The New Report Similar To The Original?

Like the original MoldRANGE™, MoldRANGE™ California Climate helps you:

  • Avoid additional remediation when it's not needed
  • Calm clients who panic over what they think are high quantities of mold spores
  • Interpret data when you have to take outdoor samples in bad weather or with snow cover

How Can I Receive The MoldRANGE™ California Climate Report for My Projects?

When you take mold samples in California, simply include the zip code for your projects, and you will automatically receive the new MoldRANGE™ California Climate report. Without your project's zip code, you will receive the original MoldRANGE™ report. If you do not want to receive this new report, contact your Eurofins EMLab P&K Project Manager.