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Gilian 12 Starter Kit
Gilian 12 Starter Kit
The high flow capability of the Gilian 12 enables sampling capability for applications with flow rates between 4 LPM and 12 LPM in a small personal sampling pump size.
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Part number: 018-3670-00

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NiMH Memory-Free Battery

    NiMH battery with quick-charge time in under 4 hours. Eliminates shipping and disposal issues.

Programmable Functionality

  • Four stage program with repeat cycling
  • Allows scheduled sampling or intermittent duty cycles
  • Programmable delayed start

  • Intuitive Operation with Lock-out Feature

      Simple four-button design makes pump easier to understand and operate.

    Live Flow Display

      Large display continuously shows real-time flow, total sample time and total volume sampled. Special flow control circuitry automatically compensates for changes in flow rate, back-pressure and temperature.

    Flow Fault & Test Indicators

      The fault light indicator activates when the pump flow control is outside +/-5% of the required flow rate, such as from low battery, blocked tubing or filter. If fault conditions persist for 30-60 seconds, the pump automatically shuts down and freezes the timer. Models with a timer display preserve run time on the display, ensuring a valid sampling result. When the fault condition is cleared before shutdown, the pump will resume normal sampling and fault light turns off. The GilAir-5 also has a Battery Test indicator light that illuminates when the battery can provide a minimum of 8 hours of operation over operating range.

    External Filter Housing

      Clear filter housing allows an immediate visual inspection of the internal filter's condition. This feature protects the pump from dirt and debris and is externally mounted on the pump, allowing for quick inspection. Filter replacement requires the removal of just four screws. A built-in moisture trap helps prevent moisture from entering and damaging the pump chamber, such as moisture carryover from impingers.

    To ensure our clients receive a product with full calibration dates and warranties, this item can have a 1-2 week lead time.

    Product Number 018360600 new items

    Specifications Include:

  • Backpressure Compensation: Up to 23” H20 at 10Lpm
  • Charger: 120v
  • Datalogging: No
  • Display: Yes, Flow Rate, Total Sample Time
  • Programmable: Yes
  • Flow Fault: Yes, with Auto Restart
  • Constant Flow Control: +/- 5% of set flow at 4-12Lpm
  • Flow Range: 4-12Lpm
  • Intrinsically Safe: No
  • Charging Time: Under 4 Hours
  • Flow Fault: +/- 5% set flow, fault icon appears, if fault exceeds 30 sec pump shuts down. Pump will restart every 3 min for up to 30 min
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