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Buck BioAire™
Buck BioAire™ rental
This pump is NOT recommended for COVID-19 testing. Compact and lightweight, this battery operated pump provides a 5-20 LPM flow rate for bioaerosol sampling and has the capability to run continuously for a full 5 hours on NiCad batteries.
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Part number: 002-2154-00

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1 to 4 $30.00/day
5 or more $90.00/day

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The easy to use control keypad allows for the adjustments of time and the ability to calibrate. The Buck BioAire comes fully equipped with an AC adapter/charger, calibrated rotameter, and is compatible with Air-O-Cell, MoldSnap, Allergenco D and Buck BioAire cassettes.

The Buck BioAire Sampling Pump is a compact, lightweight 5-20 LPM controlled flow sampling pump for bioaerosol sampling. The easy, full-control keypad lets you perform unattended time programmed (1, 2, 5, or 10 minute) samples, perform easy calibrations without tools, or perform manual timed sampling at the touch of a button.

A group of status LEDs show the BioAire Model B520 operation at a glance. Both an LED and audible alarm provide confirmation of end-of-sample or depleted battery. The BioAire Pump provides a full five hours of continuous operation (at 15 LPM) from its rechargeable NiCad batteries. It comes with a standard charger.

For more detailed information follow the manufacturers operating instructions located here.

To ensure our clients receive a product with full calibration dates and warranties, this item can have a 1-2 week lead time.

Product Number 002215400

Download Documentation

Buck BioAire Spec Sheet.pdf
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