The Role of Legionella in Indoor Air Quality And Other Related Information

Whenever Legionella testing is required, Environmental Microbiology Laboratory, Inc. (EMLab™) will be there to assist you. EMLab™ offers experienced analysts that are skilled at detecting Legionella species in environmental samples. EMLab’s methodology routinely uses three different types of media, pre-inoculation concentration of potable waters or other clean water sources, and a pre-plating treatment technique. This methodology maximizes the detection and quantification of viable Legionella species. All Legionella organisms detected are routinely serotyped, without any additional costs, to assist in investigative processes.

EMLab™ will also assist you by providing sampling materials and sampling instructions for the collection of samples from various environments and/or source waters.

In addition EMLab™ also provides the following services:

    LabServe™ -Immediate access to reports after completion of analyses via the internet.
    LabMail™ - Automatic notification via email when your project was logged-in, when you'll get your analytical results, and a summary of your Chain of Custody submittal.
    TechFAQs™ - You can request, and receive via email or fax answers to your technical questions including sample techniques, data interpretation, and analyses summaries from our expansive database.
    IAQtech™ - Our department of highly-trained, and highly-qualified QC consultants, who can assist you with questions regarding sampling techniques, provide guidance with data interpretation, and who are your liaison to TechFAQs™.

For more information on Legionella please contact our customer care department toll free at (886) 888-6653.

EMLab™ is an accredited laboratory, with accreditations from the American Industrial Hygiene Association’s Environmental Microbiology Laboratory Accreditation Program (AIHA EMLAP) and the California Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (CA-ELAP).